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Privacy Policy

The museum works to develop a website that viewers can securely use. This site appropriately collects, uses, and manages personal information in line with the Okinawa Prefecture Personal Information Protection Regulation.

What is personal information?

Of the information collected by Okinawa Prefecture through this site, personal information refers to information related to individuals (including address, name, phone number, and email address) that identifies or could identify a specific individual.

Collection of personal information

When Okinawa Prefecture collects personal information through this site, the information shall be provided in principle by the user at his or her own free will, the purpose for doing so shall be communicated clearly, and the information shall be limited to that which is necessary in achieving the stated purpose.

Use of and restrictions on the provision of personal information

Collected personal information will not be used or provided to third parties for purposes that go beyond the original purpose for which it was collected, with the exception of cases stipulated under the Okinawa Prefecture Personal Information Protection Regulation.

Management of personal information

The museum will prevent any leakage, loss, alteration, etc. of the collected personal information and will properly manage such information.